Pump(kin) Up The Volume

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Hello guys and ghouls,

Though the annual Ivy Pumpkin Carving Contest was a dud this year (see results above), my homemade Halloween costume wasn’t. What do you have when you combine a neon orange dress (who doesn’t have one hanging in the closet?), an orange wig (already had that too), a giant black Sharpie, two folders, and two highlighters? Oh, you know, just an Ashlynn-sized Highlighter!

I was pretty proud of my office inspired get-up.

Kass (the bf) even helped me fashion a pair of earrings out of the caps of the highlighters.

My one complaint is that I wish I would have had a bit more energy to party hop. We went to the annual “Keeneyween” where we hung out with a pair of sugar gliders, and then we warmed our toes around a nice fire at my friend Jessica’s house after that, but we lost steam by midnight, which isn’t that abnormal for me….but I should have optimized my “bright” idea.

I hate that Halloween only lasts one day, or a weekend if you are lucky. I wish there were twelve days of Halloween instead of twelve days of Christmas.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s creeeeepy creations!

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