New Universe – 6 Months Out

Hello, space mommas, space daddies, space cadets. How is everyone holding up? Well, for me, I am six months in to being a mom, and I’m pretty much a human puddle of dribble, spit, and formula. Some days I wash my face, and it’s one I don’t recognize. Less hair. Less hormones. Less moisturizer. LessContinue reading “New Universe – 6 Months Out”

How to Have Happy Thoughts During a Global Pandemic

Well, hello 2020, you disease-infested whore. Had to start with a little bitterness, so the sweet will be more effective later. So, like you (unless you are a jerk or a healthcare hero), I’m at home. In my teens and early twenties, this didn’t happen often. I was what they call a “social butterfly” –Continue reading “How to Have Happy Thoughts During a Global Pandemic”

My 30 Day Digital Detox

I’ve started the new year feeling like a gosh dang ninja. I don’t know if it’s the vitamin or podcast consumption, but I’m PUMPED. My current goal is to learn to treat myself as my most valuable asset. I am making health a top priority, adapting to a more minimalistic lifestyle, attempting to live inContinue reading “My 30 Day Digital Detox”

Out of the Blackest Black:

Well, I wish I had some good advice to give you, friends. I don’t. In truth, I have both a bucket of nothing and everything as I sit here reliving the past year. 2019 left me with wreckage that was beautiful, heartbreaking, and completely soul-rearranging.  Parts of it were so heavy that, at times, IContinue reading “Out of the Blackest Black:”

Visiting The Magician and His Wife

When I was 19, I fell in love with a poet. When I was 23, the relationship ended, and I was left with a deep-rooted friendship, a head full of lovely words and experiences, new interests, poems, books, films, and most importantly, an extended family that gratefully asked to keep me. For the past tenContinue reading “Visiting The Magician and His Wife”

Read This Valentine’s Day Story About Poo

The future scares the shit out of me. In fact, right now, this very second scares the shit out of me. There. A Valentine’s Day post that starts with something straight from the heart. Here’s my love story. I can’t remember who said it, but a few months ago a friend of mine made aContinue reading “Read This Valentine’s Day Story About Poo”