Crystal “Clean” Beach, TX

For the past few weeks, I’ve been driving back and forth from Beaumont to Bolivar Peninsula, where I’ve been, among other things, cleaning beach cabins with my grandmother. This “in-between” phase of my life is covered in Comet, bleach, Lysol Kitchen Cleaner, dust, Windex, dirt, Pledge, as well as all sorts of grime, and IContinue reading “Crystal “Clean” Beach, TX”

Sometimes love is hard, and sometimes love is a hardback.

Inspired by Cassandra Neace’s bookish Valentine’s she posted about this past week, last night, I decided to order a large pizza, finish up Nancy Mitford’s Love in a Cold Climate, and attempt a few of my own. A rare gem that I found at our local library’s yearly sale, was a hardback edition of ElizabethContinue reading “Sometimes love is hard, and sometimes love is a hardback.”

Plotting: New News and Book Reviews

Since my last post, I’ve been to Germany (where I drank better beer than you did for eight days straight), joined a fun new band called Mad Maude & the Hatters (Shame. Shame. Shameless self-promotion), and read a book worth writing about: The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. Since I’m sure you don’t want me to brag-brag-braggy-brag youContinue reading “Plotting: New News and Book Reviews”

The Family Fang: Review

  Hell yes. This is good stuff. A book where parents eff their kids up without remorse, all in the name of capital A-R-T.  I can relate. Replace “A-R-T” with “R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N,” and you have The Family Ivy. By Ch. 2, I was lolling all over the place. And…. I actually stayed interested as the storyContinue reading “The Family Fang: Review”

My Melted Baby and Other Post-Readathon Commentary

I would deem last night’s readathon a complete success. Though I didn’t get much in-depth reading done (I won’t even admit the page count), I did eat a lot of snacks: guacamole and chips, pizza rolls, and even some corn chowder that Adrienne brought over. It was a strange combo, and since we were bothContinue reading “My Melted Baby and Other Post-Readathon Commentary”

Eating. Reading. Taking My Pants Off.

Okay, today I’m participating in my first readathon, and I’m really excited. With what is left of the evening, I plan on taking my pants off  and reading. I guess I should wait until I get home to do that since I’m using the interwebs at my friend Brittany’s house and don’t want to freakContinue reading “Eating. Reading. Taking My Pants Off.”

What the F is Wassail?

I don’t mind telling you that I like to completely nerd out for the holidays. I like to go around calling myself grandma. I attempt to crochet (unsuccessfully), I bake pies (so far, only blueberry), and I decorate like a madwoman, or at least as much as my budget allows. In the spirit of my yearlyContinue reading “What the F is Wassail?”

Remembering the “Texas Termite”

Tuesday night, while cleaning up the random files on my desktop, I found this: As I’m writing this, my grandpa is performing his “crack the egg over the knee” bit, trying to distract me.  I watch him try to spread out the fingers of his right hand across my knee. The tip of his pointerContinue reading “Remembering the “Texas Termite””

Confessions of a Crappy Baker: Blueberry Pie Success!

I’m not going to lie. I’m a shitty baker. Last time I made cookies from scratch, the fan lights exploded, there was a shower of glass (long story), and that was after I burned the chocolate in the microwave and realized that the vanilla I had bought was actually red food coloring. I try. I reallyContinue reading “Confessions of a Crappy Baker: Blueberry Pie Success!”

Pump(kin) Up The Volume

Hello guys and ghouls, Though the annual Ivy Pumpkin Carving Contest was a dud this year (see results above), my homemade Halloween costume wasn’t. What do you have when you combine a neon orange dress (who doesn’t have one hanging in the closet?), an orange wig (already had that too), a giant black Sharpie, twoContinue reading “Pump(kin) Up The Volume”