My Weird/Wild Weekend in Music

First of all, as I’m writing this, I’m still recovering. Not from booze (though I’m not complaining about the Ace Hard Cider I had). Not from lack of sleep (caught up on lots of that Saturday morning). What I’m recovering from is a sort of sensory overload. How can I sum it up? The travelingContinue reading “My Weird/Wild Weekend in Music”

Review: Letters from England

I was given this book to review by The Review of Texas Books. In her memoir, Letters from England, Conita Jernigan Lyle not only shares her adventures of living abroad as a teacher for the Department of Defense in the early 1960’s, but also gives readers an intimate view of her struggle to remain bothContinue reading “Review: Letters from England”

Review: Born Round by Frank Bruni

When I first saw Frank Bruni’s memoir Born Round on the shelf, I took one look at the plump kid on the cover and picked it up. First of all, I love chubby kids. Always have. When my little sister went through this phase where she ate tortilla chips until she threw up and thenContinue reading “Review: Born Round by Frank Bruni”

Worth the Sweat: My Renegade Dinner Review

This past Saturday night I strayed from my normal Mexican food binge and, instead, dined inside the garage at Performance Car Audio. That’s right. You aren’t imagining things. I ate at a garage. A huge, hot garage that was apparently owned or operated by a hunting enthusiast. One of the walls above our heads wasContinue reading “Worth the Sweat: My Renegade Dinner Review”

My First (fun) Book Review

I’m going to be honest. This is my first book review that hasn’t been forced upon me, and I’m no pickygirl. After finishing up my MA in English this past May, reading for fun, well, just didn’t seem like fun. In fact, after finishing my thesis, I decided to do more productive things. I bought aContinue reading “My First (fun) Book Review”

Mr. Ed 101: A Horse is a Horse

For the past few years, I have had these iconic visions of seeing myself riding horseback. There I am, atop a black or white stallion (I’m not even sure of the difference between a stallion and a plain old horse at this point), with the wind gently blowing through my hair, and a soft sprayContinue reading “Mr. Ed 101: A Horse is a Horse”