New Universe – 6 Months Out

Hello, space mommas, space daddies, space cadets. How is everyone holding up? Well, for me, I am six months in to being a mom, and I’m pretty much a human puddle of dribble, spit, and formula. Some days I wash my face, and it’s one I don’t recognize. Less hair. Less hormones. Less moisturizer. LessContinue reading “New Universe – 6 Months Out”

How to Have Happy Thoughts During a Global Pandemic

Well, hello 2020, you disease-infested whore. Had to start with a little bitterness, so the sweet will be more effective later. So, like you (unless you are a jerk or a healthcare hero), I’m at home. In my teens and early twenties, this didn’t happen often. I was what they call a “social butterfly” –Continue reading “How to Have Happy Thoughts During a Global Pandemic”

My 30 Day Digital Detox

I’ve started the new year feeling like a gosh dang ninja. I don’t know if it’s the vitamin or podcast consumption, but I’m PUMPED. My current goal is to learn to treat myself as my most valuable asset. I am making health a top priority, adapting to a more minimalistic lifestyle, attempting to live inContinue reading “My 30 Day Digital Detox”

Out of the Blackest Black:

Well, I wish I had some good advice to give you, friends. I don’t. In truth, I have both a bucket of nothing and everything as I sit here reliving the past year. 2019 left me with wreckage that was beautiful, heartbreaking, and completely soul-rearranging.  Parts of it were so heavy that, at times, IContinue reading “Out of the Blackest Black:”

My Melted Baby and Other Post-Readathon Commentary

I would deem last night’s readathon a complete success. Though I didn’t get much in-depth reading done (I won’t even admit the page count), I did eat a lot of snacks: guacamole and chips, pizza rolls, and even some corn chowder that Adrienne brought over. It was a strange combo, and since we were bothContinue reading “My Melted Baby and Other Post-Readathon Commentary”

Eating. Reading. Taking My Pants Off.

Okay, today I’m participating in my first readathon, and I’m really excited. With what is left of the evening, I plan on taking my pants off  and reading. I guess I should wait until I get home to do that since I’m using the interwebs at my friend Brittany’s house and don’t want to freakContinue reading “Eating. Reading. Taking My Pants Off.”