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In 2006, one of my best friends, Dave Macha and I started playing shows throughout Southeast, TX. Our music was simple yet soulful, influenced by folk, blues and alternative rock. In 2008, we put out a self-recorded album entitled The Peacock and the Owl (that Dave mixed & mastered) and played venues throughout Texas and Louisiana in promotion of the release, continuing to write new music until 2013 when a relocation to Houston and heavy workloads slowed our efforts.


In 2015, John Griffin, veteran producer that spent over twenty years at Sugar Hill Recording Studios, kindly helped me attempt to fill in the spaces that I lacked without Dave – no small task. The product of my most recent endeavor is a 6-song EP that I released in 2018.  It features a re-release of “Hearts for Breakfast” from Dave and I’s first album. Click below to take a listen.

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In Between

In between writing and performing these many years, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with other amazing artists on the following projects:

Refueled Magazine’s {AUTOMATIC BUZZ} Sessions

In 2013, I met Chris Brown, creator and editor of Refueled, a magazine that embodies the rural creative spirit. Chris Brown is probably one of the most interesting men that I know, interesting enough to have his own TEDx talk. One weekend in Austin, Dave and I met up with Chris and the talented photographer and director, Gustav Schmiege, and we all joined forces and created this lovely live video recording of our song “Cropcircles.” Thank you, Chris and Gustav. You both rock.

“Music is a dominate force behind everything we do at Refueled. It’s the soul that drives us and keeps us alive. The Refueled{Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions are a series of mainly raw, acoustic performances by singer/songwriter friends and folks we dig. There is just something about taking a song and stripping it down to an instrument (or two) and a voice. We also like to sit down and  share with stylemakers, listen to what inspires them and why they create. Whether it’s an alt-folk group, a rocker or folks who make jeans, {Automatic Buzz} is there to capture the vibe.” –{AUTOMATIC BUZZ}

The MusicBox Project

In 2011, I was introduced to a passionate lady named Dyann Arthur, president of the MusicBox Project. She came to my former home in Beaumont, TX and recorded my original folk tune entitled “Sparrow Song.” I wish I had turned off my squeaking ceiling fan, but it was still such a joy to be a part of this project aimed at promoting female roots musicians in the hopes of preserving traditional forms of american music.

Part of the MusicBox Project Collection of 110 interviews and over 1,500 songs at the American Folklife Center/Library of Congress, The Southern Folklife Collection at UNC/Chapel Hill & The Blues Archives at UM/Oxford.

Music Career Highlights

Sitting in Barbara Lynn’s living room in Beaumont, TX and listening to her play “You’ll Lose a Good Thing” on her hunter green guitar etched with golden roses. Also, singing to her at her 70th birthday party.

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