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Because I’ve worked as a marketing professional for the last 8 years, I have to be honest. Personal and creative writing has been replaced with the world of air-cooled chillers and residential condensers — AC speak all day. I’m not mad. I pay my bills with (and love) the world of HVAC, but I will say this: I’m working on doing better, on carving out time to make more words happen. Until then, peruse some of my favorite past publications and bragadocious awards below.


“Exploring the roots of that Gulf Coast sound” with Dale Gothia and Jivin’ Gene Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. March 12, 2015. web link

“Decoding the Frequency of New Age Metal”-Q&A with Beaumont’s Keepers of the Frequency Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. March 6, 2015. web link

“The Dukes of Doo-hop”- Q&A with New Orleans’ Stoop Kids Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. September 11, 2014. web link

“Throw on your white denim- Sphynx brings the dance party” Q&A Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. June 11, 2014. web link

“A Bluesy Duo with Beaumont History” Q&A Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. May 29, 2014. web link

“Tele Novella’s Psych-pop Fairytale”: Q&A Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. May 2, 2014. web link

“Barely Blinds dusts of the L.A. smog for a one night return to the 409” Feature story. Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. December 26, 2013. web link

“Rock out under the Mistletoe with Mike Zito”: Q& A Cat 5, Beaumont Enterprise. December 21, 2013. web link

“Cherry’s: A Place to Get Scary and Freaky” Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. June 13, 2013. web link

“What’s in a name: Deep Cuts” Q&A Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. May 23, 2013. web link

“Port Arthur Playboys add extra Cajun flavors to Boy’s Haven Crawfish Fest” : Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. May 9, 2013. web link

“Underground Metal Surfaces” Cat5, Beaumont Enterprise. April 11, 2013. web link

“Southern Roots and the Path of Least Resistance”: Q & A with Dale Watson. Cat5,Beaumont Enterprise. April 4th, 2013. web link

“Review: Letters from England.” Review of Texas Books. Volume XXVI. February 2011.

“Entrapped by Beauty and Vice: A Character Study of Lily Bart.” Lamar Journal of the Humanities. Volume XXXV. Spring 2010.

“Grass Hearts.” Louisiana Literature. Spring 2008.

“Stealing From Nursing Homes: What I Learned From Homeschooling.” Lamar Journal of the Humanities. Volume XXXI Fall, 2006.


“Grass Hearts.” fiction at The Association of Creative Writing Teachers, San Angelo, TX 2005.


Charlsie Berly Scholarship (2010-2011)

Eleanor Weinbaum Poetry Scholarship (2009-2010, 2004-2007)

First Place Charles Oliver Award for Undergraduate Fiction at the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (2005)

First Place Charles Oliver Award for Undergraduate Non-fiction at the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (2006)

DeSchwinitz Poetry Award (2005, 2006)

Eleanor Poetry Award (2005)

Barnes Poetry Award (2004)

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