The Feels

Helping others is the coolest thing since low-fat string cheese. When I can, I try to make this life more than a black hole of emotions and worries and spreadsheets. (Man, I love a spreadsheet though.) So, here are a few organizations that I tip my hat to. I’m not including this section to give myself a pat on the back, (Maybe a hi-five? Kidding. Sort of.) I’m just letting my friends and family and all the space peeps know that these are great causes that put the money you give them to use in an honest and impactful way.

Philanthropy and Volunteerism

At Hunton Group where I work, with the support of leadership (Yay! Companies that care!), I created a yearly giving campaign for BEAR.  BE A Resource for CPS Kids is an amazing organization. Each year we fulfill wishes of children in the program. To date, Hunton has provided hundreds of fulfilled wishes!

Including Kids is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide therapeutic programming using the principles of ABA for children with autism and other related development delays in order to facilitate their inclusion in the community. Early in my marketing career, I was honored to partner with the Giving Library and the Including Kids creative team to create this compelling video which we be a lasting benefit for children and families with autism. I creatively coordinated this project and also wrote the script for this video.

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