Outta this world since 1984

Oh, Hello!  Step aboard (Cough. Cough. Click through.) this amazing virtual spaceship that I’m going to fill with feels and all the creative things that I can do! This year has been rough. I needed a place to store the good brain junk: the music, writing, marketing tips, memories, book reviews, freelance endeavors, and whatever toots my little horn. 

So, toot. toot. toot. (A spaceship horn sounds more like a laser.)

Why Spacey Lady? 

Well, I could start by telling you that my wedding was space-themed (it was) and two of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written and recorded are about alien abductions (they are), that I live, work, and love in Houston, TX aka “Space City” (yep!), and that I’m a bit spacey (As my boss says, “Squirrel!”), but the truth is, aside from my full blown love affair with all things space, that over the summer I forgot to renew ashlynnivy.com, which I have had control over for the last ten years, so it has been commandeered by some lovely erotic looking ladies and foreign type. Warning! If you look it up at work, you might want to clear those cookies. (Update: I NOW HAVE IT BACK!)

Thus, Spacey Lady was born.  New space, same traveler.

Brian Greene, the absolute coolest string theory physicist says, “Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.” What’s true about space, in this case, is also true about Spacey Lady. 

Please enjoy the experience (and the picture below of me fake laughing for a photograph by the oh-so talented Lacie Grant) Also, this banner that fills my heart with glee and happiness- that I will use until the end of time- was made by friend Marcelo Garcia of Seltzer- graphic designer and musician extraordinaire.

Aliens. Monsters. All the yes. If you’d like to work on a creative project together, feel free to reach out! 

Ashlynn Ivy Banner (500 x 160)-01